Littlefield man arrested in weapons misconduct case

January 15, 2019

Deputies received reports Sunday of a man who fired his rifle into the air in his Littlefield neighborhood.

Upon their arrival, Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies encountered Littlefield resident Jorge Dominguez, 34, who was allegedly holding a rifle in his hands. According to the report, Dominguez was dancing while holding the weapon, until deputies told him to place it on the ground.

Dominguez complied, the report said, but when deputies commanded him to walk toward them, Dominguez cursed at deputies and shouted that he was on his private property. State troopers arrived to assist deputies, all as Dominguez continued to refuse officers’ commands, according to deputies. Deputies attempted to employ an electronic stun device to subdue Dominguez, but his clothing rendered the weapon unsuccessful.

After several more minutes passed, Dominguez appeared to surrender, but actively resisted when deputies attempted to take him into custody, the report said. Law enforcement officers conducted a safety sweep of Dominguez’s home, where they located two children. The children were taken by Department of Public Safety officers to a nearby restaurant to remove them from the situation, according to deputies, and were eventually transferred to the custody of a family member.

Dominguez was transported to Mesquite City Jail, where he had to be carried into the facility by multiple staff members, the report said. Dominguez was charged with four counts of disorderly conduct involving weapons, resisting arrest, criminal damage to property and endangerment.

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