Another Fantasy Football Season Is Here

August 24, 2018

It’s time to come clean. Last year I tanked it, tossed in the towel and started to get ready for this season.

My fantasy team was having an up-and-down year. There was no hope to win the league, so I decided to begin to look ahead. Realizing Williamsport’s Trey Potts was going to return for his senior year, I figured what better time to do what the Indianapolis Colts did to be able to draft Andrew Luck; and just like the Cleveland Browns do, I did Cleveland Browns things.

So on Oct. 27 I was on the clock. I knew my pick, and that night leaving the office, proudly proclaimed whoever is picking second this year, to start getting ready.

With that said, Wednesday was a big night in The Citizens’ Voice sports department. It was time for the annual high school fantasy football draft. It’s a four-team league with myself, Matt Bufano, Eric Shultz and new sports editor Tony Maluso. As mentioned before, I picked first. Bufano went second followed by Shultz and Maluso.

Now that he has moved on to the news side of things, former sports editor Jim Reeser relinquished his team. But that did not prevent him from lurking around the draft room.

We picked eight positions with a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a flex spot, defense and kicker. We went with a snake draft for the eight rounds. With so many talented players in the Wyoming Valley Conference this year, some of the picks were agonizing. Some really good players are hanging out on the waiver wire, and who knows, maybe this year will be the year the league sees its first trade.


Anyway, here are the results of the draft.

Round 1

SB- Trey Potts (RB) Williamsport. Scored 53 touchdowns in two years. No-brainer.

MB- Marcus Simmons (WR) Williamsport. Led the team in receptions with 72 last season. Solid selection.

ES- Joe Fagnano (QB) Williamsport. Schultz keeps the Williamsport train rolling. Millionaires should put up big numbers this year.

TM- Sparky Wolk (QB) Hazleton Area. Maluso grabs one of the top quarterbacks in the conference. Strong arm with experience.

Round 2

TM- Matt Kurtz (RB) Lake-Lehman. Plays in a run oriented offense, no matter how much the head coach says he wants to throw.

ES- Owen Shoemaker (RB) Berwick. Nearly rushed for 1,000 yards last year as a backup. Featured back this year.

MB- Teagan Wilk (WR) Berwick. Talented athlete who can make plays on both sides of the ball. Poised for a big offensive year.

SB- Damon Horton (RB) Hazleton Area. Ready to breakout on the offensive side of the ball. It’s his show now.

Round 3

SB- David Smith (WR) Hazleton Area. Wolk needs somebody to throw to. Nothing like having a veteran presence on the perimeter.

MB- Andrew Krawczyk (WR) Pittston Area. Bufano takes one of the top wideouts as his flex position. Excellent call on this pick.

ES- Connor Hazlet (WR) Northwest. Led the team in catches last year. No stranger to the end zone.

TM- Kevin Dessoye (RB) Meyers. Tough runner. Can bounce outside and take it between the tackles. Need a yard, he can get it.

Round 4

TM- Darren Boseman (WR) Nanticoke Area. Trojans don’t pass much, but when they do the ball comes his way.

ES- Garrett Hopkins (RB) Tunkhannock. Solid returning veteran. Should see plenty of carries.

MB- Sammy Solomon (RB) Wyoming Area. The big man is going to get the ball at fullback. Risky pick, but should be money at the goal line.

SB- Will Barrientos (K) Hazleton Area. You need field goals and extra points. Strong leg and accurate.

Round 5

SB- Berwick defense. Yes I went kicker and defense back to back. Frank Sheptock played linebacker. He likes defense. His will be good.

MB- Dom DeLuca (QB) Wyoming Area. Thrown to the fire last year as a sophomore and passed the test. Lots to be excited about here.

ES- Joe Ammons (RB) Nanticoke Area. Schultz goes flex spot here. Secret is out on Ammons this year.

TM- Dallas defense. Mountaineers will be fast and physical. They will create turnovers. Can’t go wrong with this selection.

Round 6

TM- Brian Williams (WR) Wyoming Area. Has speed and good hands. Should be a favorite target in the passing game.

ES- Luke DelGaudio (WR) Dallas. Top returning receiver from last year. Going to be tough to defend this year.

MB- Pat Rother (RB) Crestwood. Whether it’s in the single wing or the spread, Rother will get his yards.

SB- Jake Shusta (QB) Valley West. Played on my little league team a few years back. A great pick then, a better one now.

Round 7

SB- Najese Hood (WR) Meyers. Speed and athleticism. Can get great separation off the line. Mohawks better get him the ball a lot.

MB- Wyoming Area defense. Bufano likes the defense’s chances against the schedule. The experience will be a big help as well.

ES- Meyers defense. Mohawks are always solid on the defensive side of the ball. The athletes make plays and create turnovers.

TM- Dan Meuser (RB) Dallas. Flex spot on this pick. Hard to go against a back in an offense that likes to establish the run.

Round 8

TM- Jack Wessler (K) Northwest. Made some big kicks during the course of his career. Accuracy is a strength.

ES- Ricky Klepadlo (K) Nanticoke Area. It’s not very often the Trojans don’t get seven points after reaching the end zone.

MB- F.J. Braccini (K) Wyoming Area. Warriors should score a lot this year. Should have a lot of opportunities.

SB- Jervone Young (RB) Coughlin. My flex spot wraps up the draft. At 280 pounds nobody is stopping him at the goal line. Anybody who is not afraid to admit he has slept on a SpongeBob pillowcase can play on my team any day.

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