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Potbellied Pig Saved By Heimlich

November 27, 1997

KELSO, Wash. (AP) _ A passed-out potbellied pig was saved from hog heaven by a 911 dispatcher who talked the animal’s owner through the Heimlich maneuver.

The pig’s owner called 911 in a panic Monday.

``My pig! She’s choked, and she’s passed out,″ said the woman, her trembling voice recorded by the county dispatch service. Her name was not released.

Dispatcher Tracy Mosier relied on emergency cards used in human choking emergencies to talk the woman through the Heimlich maneuver.

Lift the unconscious pig to its feet, put your arms around its middle and squeeze, she instructed the distraught woman.

The pig came to with two belches.

The county’s 911 director, Cindy Barnd, said operators have helped talk other pet owners through ``mouth-to-snout″ resuscitation of a Chihuahua and the Heimlich maneuver on a puppy.

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