Florence brings some wind, rain to Aiken

September 16, 2018

Tropical Storm Florence finally made her way into town, bringing rain and some wind for the most part.

Doug Anderson, meteorologist technician with the National Weather Service, said Aiken County saw less than 1 inch of rain Saturday while the storm still surged through parts of North Carolina and the coast of South Carolina.

Aiken was also put under a Lake Wind Advisory on Saturday afternoon.

However, Aiken County was lucky not see any real damage from the storm, besides some minor flooding in a few areas, according to Aiken Public Safety.

“The storm is moving slowly west, and Aiken County can expect to see more rain as we move into Sunday evening,” Anderson said. “But the area will likely see less than 3 inches of rain in total.”

There were some evacuees in Aiken from different areas around the coast.

Rachel Riley, of Charleston, said she came to Aiken due to the evacuation of the area.

“While there isn’t much going on here with the storm and all, it’s nice to have power and places to go eat dinner,” Riley said.

Florence is expected to move into Tennessee following Sunday and the weather should brighten up, Anderson said.

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