Stolen iPad leads to charges for employee

April 13, 2019

Tracking software on a woman’s iPad has landed a Lake Havasu City man in trouble with police.

According to a report from Lake Havasu City Police, 41-year-old Roman Angelo Rodriguez, was charged with theft, after he allegedly stole a tablet computer while she was at an area business for an appointment.

According to police, the woman had her appointment March 1 while her son played a game and watched videos on the iPad. Later, she realized she had forgotten the computer and she called and left a message at the business. She returned for another appointment March 6. When she asked if anyone had received her phone message, staff members said they hadn’t and no one knew about the iPad.

The woman said she had been checking an app on her phone in the hope of finding the machine, but since it was turned off, she couldn’t locate it.

Then, at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 11, she told an officer that her iPad had been turned on and had been tracked to an address on Mockingbird Drive and then to Smoketree Avenue North. When officers arrived at the address, they spoke with Rodriguez, who said he didn’t know why officers were at his home. He said he worked as a case manager where the victim’s iPad had been stolen.

Rodriguez brought the iPad to officers and told them he had found it outside the building. He said he asked coworkers if the machine belonged to any of them and when they said it didn’t, he took it home. According to police, he said he didn’t think to call police and placed it in a safe at his home.

When officers opened the iPad, the screen was locked and said “Lost iPad. This iPad has been lost, please call me,” The number on the locked screen belonged to the victim. Rodriguez was cited for theft and the iPad was returned to the woman. Rodriguez must appear in city Justice Court May 21.