MIke MIlls, R.E.M. bassist, blasts use of band’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ in video tweeted by Donald Trump

February 15, 2019

R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills was not pleased, by any reckoning, with a video shared by President Trump on Friday featuring the band’s 1993 single “Everybody Hurts.”

“By the way,” the musician wrote in a tweet tagging the Twitter user credited with creating the video, “go [expletive] yourselves.”

“Measures have been taken to stop it,” Mr. Mills, 60, said in another tweet tagging Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, adding: “you need to get on this.”

Shared by Mr. Trump on Twitter earlier Friday, the video mixed footage from the president’s recent State of the Union address with audio of “Everbody Hurts,” the fourth single off R.E.M.’s acclaimed eighth studio album, “Automatic for the People.”

The video included a watermark on the bottom bearing the Twitter handle @CarpeDuktum.

“I tweet and meme in support of Donald Trump,” reads the user’s bio.

Mr. Mills, however, is hardly on the same page.

“You are a fraud, a charlatan, and a con man. You know it, I know it, soon everyone will know it. You can’t be gone soon enough,” the musician wrote in another tweet tagging the president.

Mr. Trump’s tweet of the video had been shared over 21,000 times within three hours of being posted Friday.