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Text of Rolf Mengele’s Statement

June 11, 1985

MUNICH, West Germany (AP) _ The following is the text of the statement given to journalists today by Rolf Mengele, the son of long-sought Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele.The statement, in German, was translated into English by The Associated Press:

I have no doubt that the corpse exhumed on June 5 at the cemetery of Embu is the mortal remains of my father Josef Mengele. I am certain that the forensic medicine examination will confirm this shortly.

The family is willing to provide other relevant details. I personally ascertained in 1979 on the site the circumstances of his death. I have been silent until now out of consideration for people who had contact with my father in the last 30 years. All victims and their relatives have my and our deepest sympathy.″

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