LONDON (AP) _ Four members were so irate when Parliament's deputy speaker cut off debate Friday that they charged forward and surrounded him. One pounded his fist with sufficient force to break an arm of the throne-like speaker's chair.

Deputy Speaker Harold Walker had declared an end to debate in the House of Commons and allowed the offering of an amendment to a bill outlawing research on human embryos.

Four opponents of the bill jumped to their feet, rushed across the chamber and surrounded the speaker's chair, a breach of protocol rarely seen in the tradition-bound Parliament.

Dafydd Wigley, a member of the small Welsh Plaid Cymru Party, waved his finger in Walker's face, shouted ''That is a disgrace 3/8'' and slammed his fist on the speaker's chair, breaking an oak flap off it.

Wigley and his allies then introduced a rare motion of no confidence in Walker, who periodically substitutes for Speaker Bernard Weatherill. They said he had not allowed enough time for debate.

A vote on the motion was scheduled for next week.

After the furor died down, the House voted 157-82 against the amendment that would have limited the power of the courts to convict doctors for experimenting on human embryos.

The amendment was one of several proposed by opponents such as Quigley, who has lost two sons to congenital deformities, who do not want a final vote on the Unborn Child Protection Bill.

In the preliminary vote in February, the Commons approved the bill 238-66.