Ray Rice doesn’t believe he deserves second chance in NFL

December 18, 2018

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice told Gayle King on “CBS This Morning” that he doesn’t believe he deserve a second chance to play in the NFL.

“Somewhere down the line everybody who’s sayin’, ‘Does he deserve a second chance for football?’ And this that and the other I actually got my second chance,” Rice said, referring to a second chance with his wife, Janay Rice.

Ray and Janay Rice appeared together in the interview, which aired Tuesday morning.

CBS revisited Rice’s past the video of him punching and kicking Janay, his fiance at the time, in an Atlantic City, New Jersey elevator in light of recent video that revealed former NFL running back Kareem Hunt kicked a woman at his residence.

Rice said he wants to “know what (Hunt’s) life was like, I want to know what happened in life,” and reiterated that he wants to help Hunt. But Rice said he has not yet been able to meet Hunt, whom the Chiefs released after the video came out.

Janay Rice revealed that she has never watched the video in which her husband assaulted her, which was played on an endless loop on news programs for a portion of 2014.

“I was there. I lived it,” she said. “I don’t really need to relive it over and over again just to appease the world.”

Ray and Janay Rice married weeks after the domestic violence incident. Ray Rice has begun to work with the NFL on how it handles the domestic abuse.

“They’re not trying to push people who do bad things or abuse against women. They’re not trying to push those guys on the field,” Ray Rice said.

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