Towns, cities issue parking bans ahead of snowstorm

January 19, 2019

With the impending snowstorm, some towns and cities are preparing by issuing parking bans.

The southern part of the state is expected to see anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow, with totals expected to be higher in the northern part of Connecticut.

The followings towns and cities have issued parking bans ahead of the storm.


No parking on snow emergency streets.

Odd side of the street parking on all other roadways.

The city declared a snow emergency to take effect at 7 a.m. Saturday.

During the snow emergency, residents should move their cars off posted snow emergency streets. Since the 19th is an odd number day, residents should park on the side of the street with addresses that are odd numbers.

Snow emergency streets are marked with white signs with red lettering. A list of snow streets can be find on the city’s website here.

Vehicles left on snow emergency streets after the ban goes into effect will be subject to fines and towing.

A full list of parking areas available thorughout the city during the snow emergency can be found here.


A parking ban will be in effect Saturday from noon through the duration of the storm. During the ban, parking will be allowed on the odd-numbered side of the street.

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