Upper Main archway project moves forward in Deadwood

August 18, 2018

DEADWOOD — A bid opening on an Upper Main Street Archway project continued from July 16 was awarded to the apparent low bidder, MAC Construction, for $102,500 at the Aug. 6 Deadwood City Commission meeting.

City officials put the project on hold when the bids came in much higher than expected. With an estimated cost on the project of $69,000 and only $50,000 budgeted, it was decided that the city would supplement the budget in order to move the project forward.

In February, as part of the cityís ongoing wayfinding project, the city approved contracting for design of a second historic Main Street archway sign, similar to the one erected near the Deadwood Welcome Center, at a cost of $5,240.

The second archway sign is planned for installation at Pioneer Way and Pine Street and will be located between the Silverado and Wells Fargo. It will be designed by Berberich Design, designer of the previous archway, and will use the same copy and design as the existing archway, although the overall width of the new archway will need to be increased.

The rationale behind the second signís location is that traffic studies revealed approximately 68 percent of the traffic into town comes up Sherman Street to that intersection and turns left or right, much more than city officials realized, coming into Deadwood through the heart of the Hills.

“And once they arrive there, they might not know theyíre a block off of Main Street,” said Historic Preservation Officer Kevin Kuchenbecker.

MAC Construction is based out of Rapid City.

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