Cleary Family Activities Center Opens At Patriots Cove

February 9, 2019
Cleary Family Activities Center Opens At Patriots Cove

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held recently to celebrate the grand opening of the Cleary Family Activities Center at Patriots Cove in Noxen. The new activities center was named after the Cleary family. The two-story building will host activities for veterans, first responders, and their caregivers. Patriots Cove purchased the building in October 2018, and received a grant from the Home Depot Foundation with the help of Home Depot in Dickson City to renovate and furnish the inside. Patriots Cove held the ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 26 to honor the Cleary family and recognize community supporters, volunteers, and representatives from Home Depot. Jack and Marianne Cleary spoke about the efforts of Patriots Cove, and its new initiative to connect, inspire, and empower veterans’ spouses. “We’re happy to introduce our activities center, which is dedicated to the amazing Cleary Gold Star Family,” says Melissa Swire, co-founder and vice president of Patriots Cove, in a prepared statement. “We honor Jack and 1st Lt. Michael Cleary for their service, Marianne’s commitment as a spouse and mother, the family’s ultimate sacrifice, and their dedication to remembering Michael through serving our veteran community. Patriots Cove would not be here without Jack. We will always remember and carry their love to all who come to Patriots Cove.” The Cleary Family Activities Center will be utilized for one day events, such as fly-tying and rod building for service members, as well as crafting for patriots, education seminars, and respite events for caregivers. Patriots Cove’s mission is to protect the environment while providing a place for wounded veterans and first responders, as well as their caregivers, to enjoy a tranquil outdoors experience. Whether injuries or illnesses are emotional, physical, or spiritual, Patriots Cove’s mission is to reconnect individuals with nature to promote healing within. Patriots Cove, based in Noxen, has restored a section of the Beaver Run Waterway to a natural habitat for native brook trout. The three-quarter mile stream is designed to accommodate veterans and first responders injured in the line of duty. Wheelchair accessible trails and streams create an easy-access stream for anglers to immerse themselves in a peaceful fishing retreat. For information, visit patriotscove.org. From left, are Neil Kosak, Ben Hubbell, Patty Matthews, John Pittenger, Ed Dalmas, P.J. Burgess, Mike Brandon, John Stegura, Sheila Brandon, state Rep. Karen Boback, Jack Cleary, Marianne Cleary, Patrick Cleary, Jeff Swire, Melissa Swire, Shestan Lynam, Sonya Yauneridge, Larry White, Michael Yauneridge, Matthew Beck, Kaitlyn Beaver, Michelle Sullivan, Taylor Baker, Daniel Fassett, and Matt Smith.

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