Kavanaugh hearings likely to push to September

August 1, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh may not be on the Supreme Court for the start of the justices’ new term in early October, a key senator signaled Tuesday, suggesting a slightly slower schedule than some Republicans had hoped for.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley said the judge will probably get his confirmation hearing in September, rather than at the end of August.

“I wouldn’t say no at this point, because this is only August 1st. But it seems to me like early September would be the earliest. But I’d rather say at this point sometime in September,” Mr. Grassley told radio show host Hugh Hewitt.

Mr. Grassley said the hearings take up a week, and then the judge will have another week to answer follow-up questions in writing. And then the earliest a committee vote would happen is two weeks after that.

Then Judge Kavanaugh would go to the floor for a full confirmation vote, which would take several more days to surmount an expected Democratic filibuster. Though it will only take a majority vote to end that filibuster, it will still mean an additional delay.

“So if we could get this all done by October 1st when the Supreme Court starts its new fall session, would be ideal. But I think we can get it done soon after that if we don’t get it done by October 1,” Mr. Grassley said.

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