Letter to the editor: Don’t waste time on Dershowitz

September 8, 2018

Condemned by Aristophanes as “specious” and “deceptive,” the brilliant rhetoricians of ancient Greece known as Sophists were able to argue both sides of important legal and political issues with equal success. Their modern counterpart is Alan Dershowitz. A defender of O.J. Simpson during his trial and in his subsequent book “Reasonable Doubts,” the attorney is known as well for presenting a “sophistic” justification of torture as an ethical procedure in his “ticking time-bomb” argument.

He has emerged recently as a frequent TV guest, providing legal analysis on the current swirl of opinions on the Mueller/Russia investigation. As a result, Dershowitz has written another book with the beguiling title of “The Case Against Impeaching Trump.” Don’t waste your money or your time. The book is a mish-mash of Dershowitz’s op-eds, columns, transcripts of his various TV appearances and (yipes) a series of his tweets. A lot of it is a reaction to the social opprobrium he claims to experience from his “friends” on Martha’s Vineyard, who feel he is “carrying water” for Donald Trump.

Dershowitz has a brilliant mind but an out-sized ego and an unhealthy need to be in the spotlight of national events. He is glib, unyielding and extremely wily, especially when it comes to anything “legal.” He is an especially formidable debating adversary, as he rarely yields to his opponents. He is the only one who has bested Ann Coulter in a “talking over one another duel” on cable television. An accomplishment roundly to be praised.

Robert Jedrzejewski


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