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Tax Protestor Denies Murder-For-Hire Allegation

July 15, 1985

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ An opponent of the federal income tax says he was only stringing along another man when he discussed the possible assassination of an Internal Revenue Service agent, according to a published account.

Richard Frank Arnett was arrested Saturday on a charge of solicitation of murder in connection with an alleged plot to have an IRS agent killed.

Arnett, 41, of Clarksville, says he only discussed the matter with a member of the anti-tax Patriot Network because he wanted to expose him as an IRS stooge.

″As for arranging for someone to kill someone, I would never do that,″ Arnett said, The Tennessean reported today in a copyright story.

He said he participated in the conversations concerning Nashville IRS agent Bart Slattery but said he was ″set up″ by the other protester.

Arnett was identified by IRS spokesman Eric Roberts in Nashville as the head of the Patriot Network, based in Augusta, Ga., but he told the newspaper he left the group in late 1984.

Arnett said he left the group because he wanted to help friends pursue tax protests through the courts rather than through refusal to pay taxes.

Arnett was being held without bond pending an appearance before a U.S. magistrate, said Lex Lancaster, an inspector with the U.S. Marshal’s office in Nashville.

The Patriot Network ″feels that IRS forms endanger rights guaranteed by the 16th Amendment of the Constitution,″ Roberts said. ″They maintain that federal reserve notes are not backed by gold and silver and, therefore, are not valid currency.″

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