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EPA’s Top 2003 Fuel Economy Cars

October 29, 2002

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Top fuel economy winners among 2003 model cars, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Mileage is city, then highway, then combined:

1. Honda Insight (electric-gas hybrid, manual) 61/68/64

2. Honda Insight (electric-gas hybrid, automatic) 57/56/56

3. Toyota Prius (electric-gas hybrid, automatic) 52/45/48

4. Honda Civic (electric-gas hybrid, automatic) 48/47/48

5. Honda Civic (electric-gas hybrid, manual) 46/51/48

6. Volkswagen Jetta Wagon (diesel, manual) 42/50/45

7. (Three-way tie) Volkswagen New Beetle, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Jetta (all diesel with manual transmissions) 42/49/45

8. Toyota Echo (manual) 35/43/38

9. (Three-way tie) Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Jetta Wagon (all diesel with automatic transmissions) 34/45/38

10. Volkswagen New Beetle (diesel, automatic) 34/44/38

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