Betsy Rader decries new Medicare ad from Dave Joyce

September 24, 2018

Betsy Rader decries new Medicare ad from Dave Joyce

WASHINGTON, D. C. - For the record, Democratic congressional candidate Betsy Rader wants everyone in America to get access to “quality, affordable healthcare” by having the option to buy into Medicare.

That’s not the same thing as “Medicare for All” proposals of the sort advanced by Vermont Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, which would establish single-payer national health care program that would cost taxpayers an estimated $32 trillion dollars.

But you wouldn’t know that from watching Bainbridge Township Republican Rep. Dave Joyce’s latest negative television ad, which maintains his opponent wants “a government takeover of health care” that would “kick you off your health plan” and cost trillions of dollars.

Rader’s campaign issued a news release on Monday that decried the ad. It noted that Rader’s actual stance on the issue is posted on her campaign website, and a recent cleveland.com article listed her among Ohio Democrats who haven’t endorsed the idea.

“Congressman Joyce is obviously desperate as he sees his re-election in serious jeopardy, and so he has resorted to playing fast and loose with the facts,” said a statement from Rader campaign manager Brexton Isaacs. “He knows that he can’t win on his own record - so instead, he’s running negative ads lying about Betsy Rader.”

Joyce’s campaign manager, Josh Weemhoff, defended the ad. He issued a statement that claimed Rader is “running from what she is telling people and doesn’t want people to know she is a Bernie Sanders liberal on all the issues.”

“The entire Democratic party is talking about a government takeover of healthcare and now Betsy Rader wants to change that definition,” Weemhoff’s statement said.

Speaking of changing definitions, Vox.com reports that some progressives “are comfortable with” the Medicare-for-all term being applied to the various proposals that would let all Americans buy into Medicare.

For the record, Joyce’s congressional website says he supports “common sense measures” that would reduce health costs, like tort reform and allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines. He also says he supports improving access to mental health services and wants a more “patient centered healthcare system”  that would let patients and doctors make decisions without the interference of government.

But you wouldn’t know that from Rader’s press release about Joyce, which claims his website is “devoid of any concrete issue positions and proposals.”

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