John McCain: Symbol of better Americans

September 1, 2018

Arizona Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain and I were of similar age. Our early lives were shaped by Vietnam. After that, we went in very different ways politically. No matter my views, I had to admire the man. Increasingly over the years, I marveled at how such a person could maintain his basic principles in the face of so many who cannot. While those who shared his values were leaving politics rather than abandoning their personal honor, he remained as a symbol of a better American.

We live in an age where large numbers of our fellow Americans have decided that honor, integrity and decency no longer have a place in politics. More than ever, we need the late senior senator from Arizona, John McCain, as a reminder of how it could/should be.

Jim Pierce

Santa Fe

Preserving the historic

I heard that David Rasch, the land use planner supervisor with the Historical Review Division at the city of Santa Fe, has left after 15 years of service.

Many folks might think that the historic preservation application is a difficult and onerous process to go through and complain about the system. David and staffers, along with the Historic Districts Review Board, have been responsible for maintaining the historical significance and beauty of Santa Fe.

David will be missed and he has left behind a professional staff to carry on the work.

Thanks, David, for all your work in our changing times, and our best wishes as you move to your new pursuits.

Maybe it’s time to discuss how to better educate the citizens and visitors to Santa Fe about the history of the preservation movement and its importance in Santa Fe and give the department a home to do so.

Maybe it will help promote a better understanding of the benefits of the historic nature of our city.

Doug McDowell

design builder, Santa Fe

A primal force

Fiesta glooms over the horizon in holy darkness

As the pagan Zozobra moans for all our pain, all of our suffering

The crowd moves, sways back and forth

Energized by a primal force from long long ago

Behind the laughter, an intensity you can see

In the corners of eyes … waiting … waiting …

Quiet passion ignites the torch

As old man gloom sings the song of holy darkness becoming the light

Flames licking our wounds clean again

A hush of astonishment silences the crowd

Burn baby burn … burn baby burn …

It seems to be over before it has begun

And in the ashes as always is a new beginning

Grieve and make love, grieve and make love

Grieving is how we remember

How to love again!

¡Viva la Fiesta!

Robert Francis Johnson

Santa Fe

It’s 79, not 75

Here’s another account of adventures in MVD-land.

The state Motor Vehicle Division website informs seniors that starting at 75 years of age, they must come in yearly for a basic vision test (and to renew a driver’s license).

This compliant citizen dutifully showed up last week.

I knew the drill; I had spent a couple hours there to get my Real ID license in 2016.

I took a number and waited and waited.

When my number was called, I was informed that the 75-year age requirement had been changed to 79 years “some time ago.”

MVD employees still have not made that update on the website.

Let me just stick a Post-it reminder on my fridge right now, just in case the bureaucracy fails to remind me in 2022.

You might want to do the same.

B. Elliott

Santa Fe

World-class performance

We were fortunate to attend a recent performance of The Drop that Contained the Sea at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

The concert was an amazing collaboration between the New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, the all-female Zia Singers, the Rio Rancho Youth Chorus, eight excellent soloists and an excellent orchestra.

The pieces were complex, yet were beautifully presented. The voices and music blended so well, it is hard to comprehend the amount of practice that it took to perfect the final presentation.

As Mayor Alan Webber said in his brief opening remarks, this performance is one of the things that makes Santa Fe Santa Fe, and he was absolutely right.

A world-class performance in a world-class city.

Thank you to all who came together to present this memorable performance.

Tom Jones

Santa Fe

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