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Names In The Game

August 9, 1991

MONTREAL (AP) _ Maurice ″Rocket″ Richard will be the Montreal Canadiens’ honorary captain during this season’s 75th anniversary of the National Hockey League.

Richard, who scored 544 goals in his 18-year career with the Canadiens and was the the first player to score 50 goals in a season in the 50-game 1944-45 season, will represent the Canadiens at various anniversary functions. Each of the 22 NHL teams will name an honorary captain for the season.

Richard, who turned 70 this week, will be to drop the puck in a ceremonial faceoff before the season-opener with Toronto on Oct. 3. Players from the league’s two oldest franchises will wear replicas of the team’s 1920 sweaters for the game.

Canadiens spokesman Claude Mouton said the old-style sweaters may be used again during the season in games against other ″original six″ clubs.


PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) - Rodney Peete’s mind was steered away from football and to his red Mercedes 500 SL when third-string quarterback Erik Kramer helped arrange a practical joke for the television show ″Pro Football’s Funniest Pranks″.

Peete was notified at lunch Thursday that his car had been in an accident. He went outside and saw a massive pile of woodchips sitting where the car had been parked. It looked like the driver of a landscaping company truck had accidentally dumped the woodchips on his car.

The license plate that was removed from the car and a bumper that was rented from a auto body shop were placed at each ends of the pile to simulate the buried vehicle.

Kramer, who had moved the car, drove up in the car moments later.

″I was shocked,″ Peete said. ″I should have known something was up when the license plate was clearly shown in this huge pile of woodchips.″


REGINA, Saskatchewan (AP) - John Candy, the Canadian Football League’s resident comedian, is playing it straight as the chairman of the league’s expansion committee.

Candy, in Regina for tonight’s game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts, is a co-owner of the Argonauts with Bruce McNall and Wayne Gretzky.

He confirmed the league has been contacted about possibly of expanding to Portland, Ore., and Detroit. ″We’ve had legitimate offers from Portland and Detroit. Whether they’re real or not, I don’t know yet,″ Candy said Thursday. ″We’re going to check out all leads. Why not?″

Candy said he believes the CFL needs to expand to survive.


RIVER FALLS, Wis. (AP) - Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Steve DeBerg has his own theory on why backup Steve Pelluer left the team Wednesday.

″As far as Steve was concerned, he just kind of lost his desire for the game,″ DeBerg said Thursday. ″He was forcing himself to do it. He couldn’t convince himself to do it just for the money.

″If your heart’s not in it, it’s a pretty tough deal. Maybe ... the desire will come back, the hunger will come back.

Others have speculated that Pelluer quit because of a bad injury.

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