Recount scheduled for Ludington’s Fifth Ward councilor race

November 30, 2018

The Mason County Board of Canvassers will hold a public meeting to recount the votes for the election of the City of Ludington’s Fifth Ward councilor, according to a press release from Mason County Clerk Cheryl Kelly.

In the Nov. 6 midterm election, Angela Serna won by a slim margin of four votes, with 243 votes for her, compared to 239 votes for her opponent, the incumbent candidate Wally Cain.

The recount will be at 9 a.m. on Dec. 7 in the community room in the basement of Ludington’s city hall at 400 S. Harrison St.

If Tuesday’s election tallies remain the final results, Serna will take office after Cain’s term as councilor expires on Dec. 31, and she would serve a two-year term.

Cain has been Fifth Ward councilor since June 2017, when he was appointed to the position by the city council after the councilor at the time, Nick Tykoski, resigned.

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