Kimberly Watkins: Take more action, Rep. Curtis

July 14, 2018

Kimberly Watkins: Take more action, Rep. Curtis

Rep. John Curtis,

Congressman Curtis, I voted for you. I am grateful for your outrage about what is going on with the family separation, but the executive order did not fix everything. There are still 3,000 children who are not with her parents, 100 of them are under five years old.

Five years old.

I am outraged, and you need to be outraged on my behalf. Please be louder. Please be a unique voice against this terrible action taken by our government. Be on the news, be the person everybody knows is speaking out on behalf of your constituents to reunite these families. Also, while you’re at it please be a part of abolishing ICE and bettering the process of bringing people here who are seeking our refuge.

— Kimberly Watkins, Provo

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