Letters To The Editor 3/28/2019

March 28, 2019

Service deficient

Editor: I wonder how Scranton keeps rationalizing its enforced taxes.

Now, a stormwater rain tax may be injected into my monthly budget along with my property taxes and garbage fees. Why can’t Scranton have mandatory recycling and enact a pay-as-you-go trash fee?

This remedy would help diminish the need to expand landfills and ease the burden placed on families with small trash-producing households.

I have called every week to the city Department of Public Works to inquire about failed recycling pickups and the only response I got was that the person who took my call would leave a note or try to reach the staff over the radio.

I should be able to collect a refund from my annual garbage disposal fees, because I recycle, or gain some citizen enforcement power to see that my recycling is picked up with the efficiency similar to that of property tax notifications.




Restore liberal roots

Editor: I speak for some Democrats who don’t like some of the overall direction that the national Democratic Party has taken.

I would like the party to be more like it was in the 1960s when it focused primarily on bread-and-butter and kitchen-table issues that affected about 90 percent of Americans, excluding the wealthiest 10 percent. I want the party to stand for enhancing social programs, such as Social Security, and to advocate for other social programs, such as a Canadian-style national health insurance program.

I believe the party focuses too much on fighting against President Trump and Republicans on identity politics and cultural war issues. These issues matter, but I worry more about people who have lived good and responsible lives who can’t afford to pay for the prescription medications that they need.

I want the party to have the courage and bravery to advocate for the passage of a national wealth tax of 15 percent on individuals with net wealth of $10 million and more in order to pay for this new spending. The party should advocate for the elimination of $100 billion annually that the conservative-libertarian Cato Institute says the federal government spends on corporate welfare and business subsidies. These steps would provide ways to help pay for new spending that would not add to the federal budget deficit.




Sour on green deal

Editor: I find U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insincere and uncommitted regarding her own touted Green New Deal, which aims to promote recycling and ecology and combat climate change.

Before she was elected, I never heard of her sacrificing personal convenience for the sake of the environment. Even after the presentation and fanfare of the plan, I have heard a lot of hot air, but no actions by her showing leadership in reaching the proposal’s goals. I believe that indicates that she believes in her own dire prediction that the world will end in 12 years if nothing is done to address climate change.

I have not seen a picture of her onboard an Amtrak train, nor any of her taking public transportation in New York, nor eating in a vegetarian restaurant. She appears in a clip where she decries that she had to take home her groceries in 10 plastic bags and had to dispose of them in the garbage because of recycling limitations. Is she stupid or just too lazy to bring cloth, reusable shopping bags with her?

Among current Democratic presidential candidates, some enthusiastically embrace the Green New Deal. In short, Ocasio-Cortez and her fan club members are not all green, but really lemons.




Beat doldrums

Editor: I read with interest the article in the March 15 Times-Tribune about how depressed some members of the so-called “iGen” are.

I think the culprit lies in the fact that these 14-to-27-year-olds are out of touch with the outside world. They should not be indoors so much and paying attention to social media on smartphones and computers, using them as ways to get in touch and sending information they wish to share with one another.

Back in my day, my generation was outdoors, riding our bikes, taking strolls around town with one another and going to pizza parlors. The only time we were indoors was around bedtime, having meals and doing our homework. Even after doing all that, we still managed to go outside and play.

Today’s teens and young adults need to put down their electronic devices when they come home from school or work and just go outside, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine or even sing in the rain. If they do, maybe they will feel happier in the long run.




No catching Trump

Editor: As I watch the shenanigans of the Democratic Party and their “get Trump” obsession, it takes me back in time when I watched Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday mornings in my pajamas.

President Donald Trump is the elusive Roadrunner and that whole ridiculous party is Wile E. Coyote. It doesn’t matter what devices Wile E. comes up with, he just can’t get that crazy bird.

I look at the press as the Acme Corp., which provides the weaponry to the coyote but he always comes up short with devastating results to himself. The Democrats have used every weapon Acme has produced, allegations of collusion, racism, bigotry, lack of compassion, Nazism and so forth and they still can’t get Trump.

The coyote is a victim of the Democratic Party. He was told from birth that he was a super genius. I don’t believe he ever had a job but must be on the government dole to be able to afford the type of equipment he purchases. Wile E. probably got a free college education because he is that “super genius” and where would he get the cash? He is a coyote, after all.

As Wile E. and the Democrats keep chasing Roadrunner Trump they better realize that there is a cliff coming their way and the cliff has a name. It’s called 2020. As the Roadrunner does one of his sidesteps, he will gaze down at the flailing Democrats as they hit the bottom of the ravine with that classic thud and a puff of dust signaling their demise.

With a sarcastic smile on Trump’s face, he will use his classic catch phrase,”beep, beep” and give a friendly wave.