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AIDS Victim Says Drugstore Gave Her Wrong Prescription

September 10, 1991

CLEVELAND (AP) _ An AIDS patient is suing a drug store she says filled her prescription with herpes medicine rather than the life-prolonging AIDS drug AZT.

Vonzella Johnson of Atlanta filed the lawsuit in state court Monday against Revco D.S. Inc. in Twinsburg. She used to live in Ohio.

The woman said she brought her prescription for AZT, or zidovidine, to Revco about five times, beginning in August 1990, before learning in January that she was being given zivorax, an antiviral medicine for herpes.

Johnson was deprived of the ″best known medication to help her in the treatment of her condition and delay the onset of AIDS or AIDS-related complex,″ the lawsuit said. It did not specify the damages being sought.

Company spokeswoman Diana Lueptow said this morning she could not immediately comment on the suit.

Ms. Johnson said she believed she contracted acquired immune deficiency syndrome from her ex-husband, who she said was a drug user. During a pregnancy, she unknowingly passed the virus to a daughter, now 4.

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