Not-so-joyous time of year for many Nebraskans

December 23, 2018

Los Angeles, CA - A new survey by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies will be a surprise for many Nebraskans. Executive Director Hector De La Torre says this is supposed to be a very joyous time of year but many people end up feeling overwhelmed. He says their new survey holiday and other depression is more common than not.

De La Torre says, “Sixty-two percent of Americans reported having some kind of on-going health condition. Of those people the number one health condition they reported was mental health. Over one-in-five Americans reported a mental health condition. That means depression. That means anxiety. That means drug abuse.”

De La Torre says they were even surprised at the findings. He says this is an especially difficult time for those who are alone or recently lost a loved one.

De La Torre says when people fall down and break a leg they get medical help but often times ignore their mental well-being. He says those experiencing difficulties should talk to their physician who can recommend a mental health provider. Getting enough sleep, exercise and eating a healthy diet does both the body and mind good.

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