Knightdale High School considering calendar change, asks parents for feedback

February 8, 2019
Knightdale High School

Knightdale High School leaders are considering changing from a traditional school calendar to an early college calendar that would align with Wake Technical Community College beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

An early college calendar is similar to a traditional calendar except the school year starts in early August and ends in late May.

The school is asking parents for feedback about the proposal before making a recommendation to the Wake County Board of Education. The idea is being proposed, according to the school, because it would allow the school to align with Wake Tech’s calendar and finish the first semester before winter break.

“Our leadership team feels that our student learning experience and student outcomes will be positively impacted due to this,” according to a survey posted by the school. “We will advocate for a five-day-a-week class structure and many classes taught by our staff either in the Knightdale area or during the school day by our faculty or Wake Tech faculty that understand the unique needs of high school students.”

“By focusing on this support, students will not have to take a college course in a typical college setting,” the leaders wrote. “Furthermore, students will have increased opportunities for classes by eliminating many transportation issues. An alternate calendar would provide an end to the semester before winter break and preventing learning loss during the break. By reducing the learning loss, students will be better prepared for all summative assessments and increase test scores at our school.”

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