Vogel to remain Richland garbage hauler

August 4, 2018

Vogel Disposal Service will remain the garbage and recycling collection agency servicing Richland Township at least through 2023 after submitting the lowest bid to township officials.

Only one other company, Waste Management, submitted a bid and the two were very close, township manager Dean Bastianini said, with a difference of just 2.86 percent. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the new contract with Vogel, worth nearly $6 million, at the July 18 meeting.

The contract is good for five years with an additional three option years if agreed upon by both the township and Vogel. The base customer rate will be $24.10 per month for 2019, $24.90 for 2020, $25.60 for 2021, $26.35 for 2022 and $27.10 for 2023, and customers will continue to be billed three times per year.

Residents will continue to get unlimited weekly garbage pickup but beginning in January recycling will be picked up every other week instead of every week.

That change is a way of saving residents money, Bastianini said, because the market for recyclables, particularly paper and glass, has crashed. There is a clause in the agreement stating that both the municipality and the contractor can agree to add or eliminate items to be collected based on changing market conditions.

“I think we have to keep an open mind and I think we will be approached by Mr. Vogel about possibly omitting glass and possibly waste paper, so junk mail and things like that,” Bastianini said. “The problem is we want to make sure this is not a blip and that it’s going to be a chronic problem because it’s hard to change people’s mentalities and how they think about recycling. We don’t want to say do it one way in April and then do it another way in October, but this was a concern with all the vendors.”

An additional change is that residents in January will receive a new 95-gallon wheeled recycling cart at no charge. That cart may be exchanged for a smaller cart. The first exchange is free, but if a customer then wants to make another exchange it will come at a cost of $10.

“I would ask that people try it for a month or two before saying it’s too big, we’re going to send it back, because we’re not collecting recyclables every week,” Bastianini said. “Especially with people getting things online from Amazon, Fedex and UPS, there’s a lot of cardboard.”

Customers can either keep their current recycling bins or place them on the curb and Vogel will dispose of them, Bastianini said, but they will need to use the new carts for collection.

Residents will also now be able to rent a 95-gallon wheeled garbage cart for $1 per month if they choose, or continue to use their current cans.

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