Augusta at Night brings music and golf fans together

April 13, 2019

Golf is the main event for Masters Week, but Friday, local music fans and tournament-goers from all over came together at SRP Park for Augusta at Night.

Musician Sheryl Crow opened for headliner Hootie and the Blowfish at the concert, which melded golf, food and music all into one event.

Put on by Endeavor and Turner Sports, presented by Capital One, the event featured the music, of course, and also included a celebrity food experience in the VIP lounge by Fuku from David Chang. Attendees also were able to practice their golf swings with simulators by Golfweek.

“I think the Masters is a special week because it brings all kinds of people, internationally and domestically, to Augusta and what events like this do I think is just really feed off the energy and electricity that the Masters brings and gives folks an option to do things in the evening,” said Mahmoud Youssef, president of Endeavor Experiences.

“Obviously the Masters is the belle of the ball during the tournament and we’re just giving folks an option to continue in that excitement ...” he said.

Patti and Keith DeBiase are one such couple who came to the show to get a taste of everything going on outside the Masters. They didn’t get tickets to the tournament this year, but after their experience during the Masters last year, they decided to make the area their home.

“We stayed at the Rose Hill estates and fell in love with the area, and so my husband Keith started to research homes in the area, in Aiken and the history of Aiken and we contacted a realtor and just started the process and ended up buying a house,” Patti said. The couple is moving to Aiken in July from their home in West Virginia.

“We love the horse part of Aiken, we love the golf part of Aiken, we love the communities in Aiken,” Keith said.

The couple are Hootie fans and wanted to experience some of the activities that are connected to the Masters.

“We heard all along that North Augusta was very progressive in the county and it seemed to be very, very contemporary and very progressive here, so we just came down to check it out,” Keith said.

Friday’s concert wasn’t just for golf fans. Stan Scritchfield and Tammy Hall live in Augusta and went to SRP Park for the first time Friday night.

“She’s been dying to see Hootie and the Blowfish and we got lucky with some tickets, so here we are,” Scritchfield said.

Youssef called music a “universal unifier.”

“In the same way that golf brings people together, why not add an element of music to the mix,” he said.