Police charge student after BB gun caused alarm in Norwich

April 10, 2019

Norwich — Police charged a juvenile Norwich Free Academy student with breach of peace Wednesday morning after the student admitted to having a BB gun that prompted numerous 911 calls to police about a male dressed in black carrying a rifle.

Police Sgt. John Perry said the calls came from the Quarto Road area about 7:40 a.m. with information that the subject might have boarded a First Student school bus. Police contacted First Student and stopped the bus on Main Street. Perry said a juvenile student admitted to having a BB gun, which he told police he found in the area.

Students were removed from the bus for a short time, and the bus was searched. No weapon was found on the bus. Police later retrieved the BB gun from the spot where the juvenile said he had left it on Quarto Road. Police said no students were in immediate danger from the incident.

Norwich Free Academy issued a campus safety notification to parents thanking Norwich police for their “quick, decisive and collaborative action to maintain student safety.”

“Please continue to encourage your children to share with you and the trusted adults in their lives any concerns to help maintain their safety and security,” the NFA statement said.