Orchids and Onions: Thursday, January 4, 2019

January 4, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to me and others who help people every day, but don’t brag about it or announce their good deeds. The Lone Ranger

Onions to the new Lake Havasu Ave between Palo Verde and Industrial, 2 lanes into 1 at the south end and a right jog in the road on the north end. I can see a lot of congestion and accidents in the future.

Orchids to the American Legion Post 81 and all kitchen management and volunteers for doing the hard work. When someone wants to cause trouble, you showed them by receiving an excellent grade from the health inspector. Go crew, go! Carol

Onions to residents who don’t bother to pick up their freebie weekly ads, even on trash day when you roll right over the packet instead of tossing it into your bin. If you don’t want the ads at least show the courtesy of placing one phone call to the paper and delivery will cease.

Orchids to London Bridge Resort General Manager and Mayor Cal Sheehy for creative thinking. Some juveniles used resort golf carts without permission. Instead of prosecuting, he is having them wash carts to pay their debt. Great lesson in forgiveness and humanity.

Onions to the guy who wants to move milk to front of grocery store, better idea is to move the booze up front! Joey

Orchids to Cleartone Hearing Center. More kudos to Mark and John. You are so adept at adjusting my 10-year-old donated hearing aids. This old lady does appreciate you! It’s great to hear again. Many thanks. M

Onions to the onion giver about not turning off outside lights because others put up x-mas lights. So sorry you think everyone celebrates or practice a Christian religion. And with the uptick in crime, maybe other worry about being taken by a crook.

Orchids to Home Is Where The Heart Is. Thank you Bruce and Stacie for the delicious holiday meal that you prepared for your residents, family, and friends. It was such a gracious and generous gesture! Timi loved the leftovers! M

Onions – there is no Santa. I didn’t get that Lamborghini Anentador I asked for. Guess I’ll just go out in the garden and eat worms.

Orchids to all newspaper subscribers who save their elastics and return them to the delivery person. They have to buy their own elastics. You are saving them money and recycling!

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