‘Herberger’s is coming back’ message fuels speculation about future of shuttered Pine Ridge Mall store

September 2, 2018
Herberger's is coming back

A screen shot from the Herberger's department store chain website showing the message that "Herberger's is coming back!"

The Herberger’s retail store at the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck closed its doors for good earlier this year.

Or that’s what Southeast Idahoans thought.

But a message on the department store chain’s website has shoppers across the U.S. thinking that all of those Herberger’s stores thought to be gone for good are being resurrected.

The message on www.herbergers.com reads “We’ve got great news — Herberger’s is coming back!” The message also says, “Stay tuned for updates over the coming weeks. We appreciate your loyalty & look forward to being able to serve you again soon.”

Herberger’s was one of multiple retail store chains owned by Bon-Ton Stores Inc., a company based in York, Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Bon-Ton Stores Inc. announced this past April that as part of its bankruptcy it would be shutting down all Bon-Ton stores as well as all of its chains, including Herberger’s, Younkers, Carson’s and Boston Store, and liquidating all assets to pay off its creditors.

The Pine Ridge Mall Herberger’s closed this past May and the last few remaining Herberger’s stores elsewhere in the U.S. shut down last week.

But the “Herberger’s is coming back!” message posted Friday on www.herbergers.com has made people across the U.S. think that a comeback is in the works.

What’s interesting is that the same message has now been posted on all of the websites for the thought to be shut down Bon-Ton Stores Inc. chains.

Neither Bon-Ton Stores Inc. nor its creditors have commented about the message.

The only clues as to what’s going on have come from USA Today.

The newspaper reported about Bon-Ton Stores Inc. on Friday: “The rights to relaunch the retailer and its subsidiary brands are close to being acquired, according to people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity because the deal is not yet final. The reinvented Bon-Ton would be a sleeker, more e-commerce focused business, these people told USA Today.”

The deal would have to be approved by U.S. bankruptcy court but if it does get the “green light,” all of the Bon-Ton Stores Inc. chains “would be revived,” USA Today said. The newspaper reported that there are already plans to reopen stores in Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

So it looks like there’s hope for Herberger’s and the rest of Bon-Ton Stores Inc. after all.

Time will certainly tell what this means for the Pine Ridge Mall Herberger’s and the 40 people who lost their jobs when it closed.

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