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New Paper-Making Process from Corn Instead of Trees

July 12, 1991

MILAN, Italy (AP) _ An Italian firm says it has produced a new fiber out of corn that can be used to make paper in a potential saving of trees.

The fiber, Chart-Bi, is produced by Novamont SpA, a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of the Ferruzzi-controlled Montedison group.

″(The new process) will benefit industry by requiring less energy and fewer chemicals. And it will benefit society by using corn starch instead of cellulose (from trees), potentially saving a huge number of trees,″ said a spokesman for the Ferruzzi agro-industrial group, who requested anonymity.

The corn-based fiber can replace up to 80 percent of the tree cellulose traditionally used in making paper, he said.

″It’s absolutely normal paper - the average person doesn’t notice a difference. Hopefully, consumers will prefer it for its environmental advantages.″

The fiber can be used in making any kind of paper. However, he said, Chart- Bi’s strength and resistance to oils and fats makes it especially adapted for use in drawing paper and food wrapping.

Paper made with Chart-Bi should be on the market this fall.

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