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Couple Find New Love Online

April 17, 1996

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) _ So she wasn’t the ``ice-cream lady″ after all.

Nonetheless, the MILKMAN found true love online with the ICMLADY and they were married about two months after chatting for the first time on their computers.

Bernie Metten, a dairy company sales manager nicknamed MILKMAN online, had been using Prodigy for several months when a word caught his eye.

``I came across her nickname ... and I thought it was `ice cream lady,‴ said Metten, a 50-year-old divorce who lives on Long Island in New York.

Thinking he’d found a dairy mate in cyberspace, he asked ICMLADY if he’d guessed correctly. ``She wrote back, `no!‴ Metten recalled. ``That sort of broke the ice and we started talking.″

Sherill Drackett, a 50-year-old widow, ran a business that put instant-coupon machines in grocery stores. Hence ICM.

A month after their first online chat in January, Metten proposed during their first face-to-face meeting, in Grand Rapids.

The couple were married March 22 in New York City and on Friday, Mrs. Metten packed up her home in Fine Lake, north of Battle Creek, and moved to New York.

``All my single friends are running out to buy computers now,″ she said.

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