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Timeline for Beginning of Israel Pullout

August 10, 2005

JERUSALEM (AP) _ The dates of Israel’s pullout from the Gaza Strip, when Israel is to evacuate all 21 Gaza settlements and their 8,500 residents, and the evacuation of four West Bank settlements, home to 500 people.

_ Aug. 15: Official deadline for Israeli civilians to leave the Gaza Strip. Troops will instruct remaining settlers they have 48 hours to leave.

_ Aug. 15-16: Grace period for settlers to leave Gaza voluntarily. Those who depart during this time can travel in their own cars. The army will help pack their belongings without space constraints. Anyone leaving by midnight of Aug. 16 will be entitled to full compensation.

_ Aug. 17: Forcible evacuation of remaining settlers begins. Army will pack belongings but limit each household to two containers. Large possessions and cars could get left behind. Families could lose up to 30 percent of their compensation. Settlers have the right to sue for full compensation.

_ First week of September: Troops begin dismantling the four West Bank settlements of Ganim, Kadim, Homesh and Sanur.

_ Three weeks after start of forcible removal of settlers: Troops begin demolishing settlers’ homes. Demolitions will take two to three weeks to complete, an army official says. During this time, the military will be completing their own pullout from Gaza.

_ Palestinians are expected to assume control of the settler areas some time in October. Celebrations are planned.

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