PARIS — Western allies of Syria's opposition coalition raise the stakes for peace talks schedueld to start in just over a week, with the second of two days of meetings bringing together top envoys from 11 countries, as well as Russia's top diplomat. By Lara Jakes and Lori Hinnant.


STOCKHOLM — Nine women in Sweden have successfully received transplanted wombs donated from relatives and will soon try to become pregnant, the doctor in charge of the pioneering project has revealed. The women were born without a uterus or had it removed because of cervical cancer. Most are in their 30s and are part of the first major experiment to test whether it's possible to transplant wombs into women so they can give birth to their own children. Scientists in Britain, Hungary, the U.S. and elsewhere are also planning similar operations but the efforts in Sweden are the most advanced. By MALIN RISING and MARIA CHENG. SENT: 1080 words, photos.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis lays out the Vatican's foreign policy agenda. By Nicole Winfield.


LAZAROPOLE, Macedonia — The sumptuous altar screen in this village church rises in tiers of crimson, royal blue and gold leaf, all the way up to a crucifix flanked by dragons. Near the top, icon niches gape empty like blown-out windows. The two dozen paintings were torn out in April, apparent victims to an art theft racket catering to rising international appetite for Orthodox religious paintings — a market worth tens of millions of dollars. Caretaker Arse Gligurovski says that every time he looks at the desecrated altar screen he feels as if "the robbers have ripped out and taken away our souls." By Konstantin Testorides. UPCOMING: 780 words by 1000 GMT, AP photos.


GIGLIO ISLAND, Italy -- Survivors and relatives of the dead in the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner gather on a tinyy Tuscan island to make the second anniversary of the accident in which 32 people perished. By Trisha Thomas. Video staffing. Photo coverage planned. 150 words by 1330 GMT.


GENEVA — A two-day U.N. conference for Syrian women concludes Monday with their assessment of the future of their country aimed at influencing negotiations planned for later this month in Geneva to end the civil war. By John Heilprin. UPCOMING: 300 words by 1500 GMT.


MILAN — Emporio Armani, Gucci and Fendi preview their menswear looks for next winter during Milan Fashion Week. By Colleen Barry. UPCOMING: 130 words by 1800 GMT.