Windber school board hires employees, approves extra duty pay

November 9, 2018

The Windber Area School Board met Tuesday. Here’s a recap of the group’s business:

• Approved indoor guard and majorette competitions, at a total cost of $1,250.

• Authorized PennDOT to use the high school cafeteria from 3:35 to 7:15 p.m. Wednesday for a public meeting.

• Hired Greg Walker as a full-time maintenance employee.

• Hired Josh Rummel as a substitute part-time maintenance employee.

• Approved the following extra pay for extra duty positions for the musical “Seussical the Musical,” to be held Feb. 15-17: Assistant drama club adviser/director Clarissa Thomas, $1,000; assistant drama club adviser/director (vocal) Darby Orris, $1,000; stage manager (musical) Jesse Trentini, $800; set designer Steve Hill, $800; costume designer Tori Sterner, $500; elementary musical liaison Elyse Cameron, $500; hired a pit orchestra for the musical at a cost not to exceed $6,500; hired a pit orchestra conductor for the musical at a cost not to exceed $575.

• Approved the following individuals as volunteer indoor guard staff: Ashlynne Zankey and Jackie Wilnecker.

• Hired supervisors for the pilot high school/middle school after-school tutoring program for the 2018-19 school year at a rate of $20 per hour with schedules to be determined by need: Chris Hudak, Tara Brodish, Courtney Hay, Lori Seth, Robert Christner, Clarissa Thomas and Amanda Manippo.

• Approved the following individuals as substitute teachers for the 2018-19 school year for the Ignite Teacher Match Program: Ashley Evans, Shelley Lill, Catherine Vigna, Jonathan Partsch, Amanda Deasy, Kathryn Buonantony, Marissa Maher, Jessica Fingerhoot, Morgan Lovely, Kaitlyn Stiffler, Douglas Stratton, Heather Marsh and Hanna Miller.

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