Cleveland musician, WJCU DJ Dave Swanson picks three albums you should check out

September 18, 2018

Cleveland musician, WJCU DJ Dave Swanson picks three albums you should check out

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Looking for some new music to spin? Cleveland’s college radio DJs have their thoughts about what they think you should be listening to, and often it’s music they’re playing on the airwaves.

Dave Swanson takes over John Carroll University’s radio station, WJCU 88.7 FM, on Saturday afternoons with his show “Vive Le Rock” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. But he’s been all over Cleveland’s music scene for decades.

Swanson has performed in local rock bands New Salem Witch Hunters, Rainy Day Saints, Guided By Voices, Cobra Verde, Chamber Strings, Speaker/Cranker, The Cynics, The Reactions and Death Of Samantha. Currently, he’s a drummer, guitarist and singer of Rumbling Spires, a local rock band.

He’s also managed record stores and written about music for various publications. Also, “Vive Le Rock” isn’t Swanson’s first radio program – in the 1980′s, he was a DJ at WCSB, Cleveland State University’s college radio station.

Here are the three albums Swanson thinks you should be listening to:

T. Rex – “The Slider”

“Released in 1972, this was not only Marc Bolan at the height of his powers, but possibly the definitive statement of the Glam Rock era of the early 1970s. Wall to wall brilliant songs full of power, punch and pizazz, with a youthful smile never to be repeated in quite the same way again.”

Bram Tchaikovsky – “Strange Man Changed Man”

“People can talk all they want about ‘power pop,’ but this album remains one of the definitive slabs of the genre. Prior to his solo career, Bram had been a member of the Motors, a great band that straddled the lines between pub rock and punk rock. He took the grit they had, polished things up ever so slightly, and came up with this Pop masterpiece.”

Pink Fairies – “Kings of Oblivion”

“Post Hippie apocalyptic hard rock with street smarts, a sense of urgency, and a sense of humor. Larry Wallis was one of the greatest guitarists that you have likely never heard of. The songs all have a pop center yet are never afraid to stretch out in various directions.”

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