Meybohm celebrates fruitful 2018

February 14, 2019

AUGUSTA — One of the CSRA’s biggest names in business paused to raise a toast to 2018 Tuesday evening, with several Aiken County-based figures among the primary honorees.

Meybohm Real Estate held its annual awards gala, and the Aiken-based pair of Vikki Crossland and Brandi Cook (Crossland’s daughter) won the firm’s top South Carolina honor: the platinum-level “elite” award.

Following them, in order, were Cissie Sullivan and Tracey Turner (gold), also based in Aiken; Ginger Davis and Donna Joyner (silver), North Augusta; and Gail Gingrey (bronze), Aiken.

“All I can say is, it was our best year ever,” Crossland said, noting that her business is built on “a client referring people to us.”

Cook made similar comments. “We worked with a lot more buyers but then we had some great listings, and obviously we couldn’t do anything without our fabulous team,” she said, citing the trio of Cindy Linkenhoker, Scott Linkenhoker and Nancy Harwood.

“We owe it to the people that refer us and take care of us and we ... feel very fortunate, and it was a lot of hard work,” Crossland said.

“We love what we do. Some years, you work just as hard as others, but this year, it worked out for us. I think ... things are moving more, and some higher ranges are going, but again, I ... feel we owe it to our clients, friends and family who refer us.”

John Chambers, Meybohm’s executive vice president and general sales manager, commented, “Our company has three offices on the South Carolina side of the river, and our sales team continues to dominate the market share in the Aiken and North Augusta areas ... I’m extremely proud and always amazed at what they are able to accomplish every year, and 2018 was no different.”

Georgia’s top winner for 2018 was Venus Morris Griffin. She received the platinum-level honor, among other awards, and her nearest cohorts were Greg Oldham, Claire Stone and (daughter) Kathryn Stone (as a team) and Ann Marie McManus. Kathryn Stone accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Claire Stone, reflecting Claire Stone’s record as one of Meybohm’s foremost employees since the company’s creation.

All of the elite-level winners were also named among Meybohm’s overall “best of the best,” which also included Aiken County representatives Tera Velasco, Donna Taylor, Cathy Brennan, Suzy Haslup, Deirdre Vaillancourt, Mary Pate and Karen Bures.

Velasco, who is based in North Augusta, said her slogan is “selling both sides of the river.” She confirmed that new construction and work with past client referrals have been a winning combination for her.

Pate, also based in North Augusta, commented, “After 33 years of doing what I do, I feel that I’m still very blessed in doing the job that I like to do. It never gets old and it’s always interesting.”

Meybohm, founded by its current chairman, E.G. Meybohm, dates back to 1977. It was established in Augusta, and grew to cover Aiken County in addition to both Richmond and Columbia counties in Georgia.

The company’s residential sales in 2018 totaled more than $900 million, and the overall revenue (including commercial sales and property management) topped $1 billion.