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Tyson Gets in Jabs, Lefts at Golota

October 21, 2000

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) _ Round-by-round of the Mike Tyson-Andrew Golota heavyweight fight:

Round 1

Tyson came tearing out of his corner, missed two left jabs to the head. Golota backed away from Tyson. Tyson got a left to the head and a right, and another left as he backed Golota into a corner. Then they went into a clinch. Golota was fighting straight up. Tyson was bobbing and weaving. Tyson got in two left jabs. No serious punches landed in the first minute. Tyson got in a stiff jab at the minute mark. Golota missed two punches. Then they clinched twice. Tyson got in another nice jab at mid round. Golota got in a right to the head and another right. Golota got in a jab and a right again. They went into another clinch with about 40 seconds left. Tyson’s right hand put Golota down with 12 seconds left. He came up immediately and took a mandatory eight count.

Tyson’s Round

Round 2

Tyson came charging out again. Tyson got in two lefts to the head before Golota tied him up. Tyson was looking for a knockout. Tyson got in a good right hand 30 seconds into the round. Tyson got in a good left to the body. Golota takes a hard right that shook him, but tried to fight back and they went toe to toe briefly before they clinched again. Action then slowed for several seconds. There was more clinching than punching. Then Golota landed a right hand at the 2-minute mark before they clinched. Tyson was wild with a right hand, then another clinch. Tyson got in a stiff jab with 30 seconds left. Golota was marked below the left eye as well as cut above it. Tyson seemed desperate to get a knockout.

Tyson’s Round.

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