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Quotes From the Presidential Campaign Trail

October 21, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here are some comments Friday from the presidential campaign trail:

MICHAEL DUKAKIS, slamming the Bush camp for emphasizing the fact that convicted murder Willie Horton escaped while on furlough and terrorized a Maryland couple: ″To play politics with that kind of human tragedy, I think, is one of the most cynical things you can do.″

Sen. SAM NUNN, D-Ga., speculating on what he would do if he were in Dukakis’ shoes: ″I wouldn’t have been a punching bag on some of these issues. There are some very unfair allegations going on, and what I’ve been amazed at is how the Bush campaign has been able to get away with it and to be fairly successful at it so far. Dukakis has really got to take off the gloves; he’s got to defend himself.″

GEORGE BUSH, advocating an international ban on chemical weapons but failing to mention his tie-breaking votes in 1983 and 1986 in favor of U.S. chemical weapons arsenals: ″The eventual combination of chemical weapons and ballistic missiles could put new destructive power in the hands of governments with terrorist records.″

DAN QUAYLE, saying the Democrats will not stage a Harry Truman-style comeback this year, copying a line used against him in the vice presidential debate: ″I don’t know Michael Dukakis, I never served with Michael Dukakis, Michael Dukakis is not a good friend of mine. ″But I know this: Michael Dukakis is no Harry Truman.″

RONALD REAGAN, praising Bush for keeping a cool head in times of crisis: ″ ... I have given him some of the most sensitive and difficult tasks that we’ve had, and he’s never let me or the country down.″

LLOYD BENTSEN, seeking to assuage Texans’ fears that Dukakis is soft on defense: ″I wouldn’t be running on a ticket with a candidate who would weaken America’s defense.″

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