Orchids and Onions: Monday, October 8, 2018

October 9, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Havasu/Vegas Express and driver Les for a smooth, on-time, round trip, complete with pick-ups.

Orchids to Challenger Auto Repair Co. who checked my car and said nothing was wrong with it. They didn’t charge anything for checking my car.

Orchids to the crew at McKee’s Pub and Grill. Our first time, brought our friends, you treated us like family. Great margaritas and food. Good job.

Onions to an auto repair company who changed my oil and said I needed over $1,000 in repairs.

Orchids to the downpour Wednesday night. But it was far too brief.

Onions to the newly-elected candidate. Why are a majority of your election signs still up in Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City areas? Election is more than 10 days past. Got the hint?

Orchids to Sharon with Pet Oasis, as well as Ron, Mike, and Officer Kirk for helping me find my little Pekingese dog. Your help was greatly appreciated and it was above and beyond. AS

Orchids to Tammy at HRMC buffet. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are much appreciated. Korean Vet

Orchids to Dillon at the 99 Cents Store. The humor you brought to us at the check stand was too much! You have a fine future ahead of you if you keep up the good attitude.

Onions to turning off the jukebox. How about returning the money for music that was paid for?

Orchids to the Vega Vigilante. It all makes sense now. You must be a cat guy. We love our dogs and all our walkers on the street. Keep Vega pet and human friendly!

Onions to jaywalkers who stop in the middle lane as if they aren’t slowing traffic. To us behind the wheel, you look looney. Use the crosswalks. I don’t drive my car on the sidewalk, after all.

Orchids to the lady at Smith’s who let me cut in front of her in line. I am surprised someone so young was so conscientious.

Onions to volunteers who don’t show up for projects they have signed up for. Don’t sign up if you do not have the time.

Orchids to any business in Havasu that switches from plastic straws to paper ones. Advertise that fact and you will have my patronage for sure.

Onions to coordinators planning an Octoberfest on a Thursday when people have work. How about some advertisement? This city does this all the time. Guess some of us are not in the special know-it-all group.

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