Avoiding big crowds on Black Friday

November 26, 2018

With many holidays to chose from, Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite time of the year. The leaves change colors; we engorge in pumpkin pie and spend much needed time with our friends and family.

The day after Thanksgiving has become a public holiday that many people take part in. However, several others dread this particular day of the year: Black Friday. Is it worth partaking in Black Friday shopping, or is it easier to shop online?

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, the first things I think of are lines and commotion. It seems that every year there is an incident of some sort reported during Black Friday shopping.

Personally, I have never participated in Black Friday shopping because I don’t want to be involved with the large crowds pushing and shoving. I do think Black Friday shopping could be an easy and cheap way of getting necessities and Christmas presents early, but I don’t understand why some people feel this is a life-or-death situation to get the particular item they are looking for. These are all reasons people like to get involved with online shopping.

Online shopping creates many benefits during the Black Friday season. Stores often have deals that go on for weeks or even months before Black Friday. When it comes to Black Friday shopping online, people do not have to be crowded. We can do this shopping all from the comfort of our own home.

There are only three downsides to shopping online during this time of year. Slow internet connection due to an overabundant amount of people online causes several issues. People must pay for shipping, and it takes time for the item ordered to deliver versus getting the item right then and there.

Finally, a huge controversial conversation is that people are not supporting local businesses anymore due to the easy access to online shopping.

Money plays a big role in where to shop as well. When money gets tight, it is easy for people to decide how to shop based on price. I am the type of shopper who will go to the store, check the price online, and then decide which is the best decision to save a little money. From my own experience, I have learned that it is much cheaper to buy clothes in Arizona compared to Nebraska. Every time I go, I get a great amount of new clothes just because it’s cheaper, and we all need to clean our closets out eventually.

All in all, I believe that price does have the most affect on where people shop. People typically tend to switch back and forth on shopping in stores compared to online.

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