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Bright and Brief

June 15, 1985

PEKING (AP) _ Psssst 3/8 Like a good deal on a used bus ticket?

In Peking, ″unlawful elements″ are collecting discarded tickets and selling them or using them as bonuses to promote retail sales, a newspaper reports.

Some people buy the tickets to file false expense accounts, the report in Friday’s Peking Evening News added. Three people who confessed to such schemes are now undergoing a period of self-criticism, it said.

″You often see these unlawful elements standing at the mouths of alleys selling old bus tickets,″ said the report. ″This is seriously disturbing public order.″

Since May 28, municipal security and commercial authorities have tracked down 361 dealers and seized more than 2,500 yuan (about $900) in used bus tickets, the paper said.

That works out to quite a pile of tickets. Bus fare in Peking is only about 31/2 cents.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Wanted: Volunteers with ″a good sense of humor″ to dress in a 7-foot parrot costume that weighs 30 pounds, limits the occupant’s vision and ″gets very hot″ while you prance around in the sun.

The assignment is to portray Amigo, the fuzzy lime green bird with the yellow beak which will be the official mascot of the 1987 Pan American Games.

About 50 people have volunteered, said Rosie Felton, co-chairwoman of the mascot committee.

Because of the danger of overheating, ″we recommend no one have the costume on for more than 30 to 45 minutes,″ said Bruce Dworshak, vice president of communications for PAX-Indianapolis, the local organizing committee for the games.

Costumed Amigos will need to practice maneuvering in the outfit, and will also need to learn a little about their character’s still-emerging personality.

″We’ve seen Amigo as terribly shy,″ said Ms. Felton. ″And then we’ve seen him as totally extroverted, interrupting conversations.″

She said one aspect of the mascot’s psyche has been determined, however. ″We’ve seen him as being very gentle with children.″


GIG HARBOR, Wash. (AP) - Four high school students and a history teacher have set off to duplicate a pioneering canoe trip in Puget Sound and they feel confident they won’t have to eat crow.

They’re retracing the 100-mile route route of British Navy Lt. Peter Puget, who served under Capt. George Vancouver in 1792. Along the way, Puget and his men occasionally shot and ate Poe’s favorite bird.

″You won’t see me eating any crows,″ vowed student Sean Case.

Case, Craig Scott, Shawn Caskin and Matt Mills - all 16 years old - worked out three times a week to prepare for the trip with history teacher Larry Carlson.

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