American weapons cause death in Yemen-- Dean Siewert

September 17, 2018

Why are we selling weapons to Saudi Arabia?

American-made weapons are being used by the Saudis to attack Yemen, killing many people. It feels like we, as a country, have blood on our hands.

Why would we ever want to sell weapons to countries that use them offensively? It is wrong for our exports to be used to cause mayhem. Offensive use of weapons should trigger the cessation of weapon sales to that country.

And what do we owe the people being attacked? Their lives are threatened because of the weapons we sold to their attackers. To those who have been attacked, the “American way” is what killed their kin. Our weapons are what caused death in their family.

Why has this been permitted to go on for years? We should not allow it to go on any longer.

Dean Siewert, Madison

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