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Serb Dies in Kosovo Ambush

September 25, 1999

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) _ One Serb was killed and four injured in a series of attacks in Kosovo province, peacekeepers said today, in what appeared to be ethnically-motivated attacks.

A tractor carrying 12 people was ambushed Friday by unidentified assailants five miles northeast of Kosovska Kamenica in the American sector, a statement released by the NATO-led peacekeeping force said today.

Two men and a woman were rushed to a field hospital at the main U.S. base in Kosovo. They were reported in stable condition. One injured woman was taken to a Pristina hospital. Her condition was not known.

New tensions rose today in Kosovoska Mitrovica, 30 miles northwest of Pristina, a divided city where ethnic Albanians and Serbs are kept separated by French peacekeepers on either side of the Ibar River.

French peacekeepers broke up two scuffles today when Serbs attacked three Albanian shoppers at an open-air market in the Serb-dominated half of the city. No one was arrested in the melee.

In Pristina, a Serb couple was rescued by international troops when they were attacked Friday afternoon, the peacekeepers’ statement said. An Albanian man was subsequently arrested.

In another incident late Friday, a badly burned body was discovered by peacekeepers in a house southeast of Pristina. They identified the victim as Serbian.

As part of an ongoing security operation across Kosovo, a Serbian convoy escorted by members of the U.N. refugee agency was stopped and searched Friday at a checkpoint north of Velika Hoca near Orahovac, the statement said. Peacekeepers’ military police arrested four Serb men on suspicion of murder. No other details were given.

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