Jury rules in favor of officer in excessive force lawsuit

February 20, 2019

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A jury has ruled that a police officer did not use excessive force against a cab driver during a drug raid in Massachusetts.

The Worcester Telegram reports the jury ruled in favor of Sgt. Stephen Roche Tuesday.

Roche’s attorney had argued that Jose Ortiz’s injury was an accident and there was no intent by the police officer to harm him.

Ortiz was injured in 2014 after Roche’s gun made contact with his face.

Ortiz said in his lawsuit that Roche hit him with the gun while he sat in his livery car in Worcester.

Roche testified Ortiz had reached for his radio, prompting the officer to extend his firearm inside the vehicle and Ortiz was struck when he turned his head around.

Ortiz received three stitches to his eyelid.