The Infographics Examine the Hidden Costs of Substance Use in the US and the True Cost of Alcohol Addiction

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2018 / Since UK Addiction Treatment Group (UKAT) first opened their doors, they have strived to educate people as much as they can about the very real problem of substance use.

In an effort to illustrate the very serious problems with drug use that are currently happening in the United States, the founders of UKAT recently published two in-depth and educational infographics on their new Addiction Helper website.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of UKAT know that while it is important to communicate the real dangers of drug use to as large an audience as possible, many people do not have the time or interest in reading long and dry articles about the topic.

This knowledge inspired them to research, create and post the two new infographics, which are already getting a lot of positive feedback from visitors to the new site.

For example, the spokesperson noted, The Hidden Cost of Substance Abuse in the USA infographic starts off with some very grim statistics: alcohol and drug abuse cost the United States a whopping $249 billion and $271.5 billion each year, respectively. More specifically, lost productivity in the workplace adds up to $174 billion annually.

The infographic also includes information about the fields of work that seem to have the most difficulty with problem drinkers; they include those in the construction and mining industries, retail and leisure and hospitality.

The Cost of Alcohol Addiction infographic notes that alcohol use costs the US economy a sobering - no pun intended--$249 billion each year. This figure is made up of motor vehicle crashes, law and justice costs, healthcare expenses and, overwhelmingly, lost productivity. The infographic also notes the impact that drinking regularly can have on a budget - if someone drinks a bottle of wine every night, which is estimated at $9 a day, that will add up in a year’s time to $2,900.

About UKAT:

UK Addiction Treatment Group, more commonly known as ''UKAT,'' is the largest private addiction treatment firm in the UK by patient volume. UKAT operates seven addiction treatment facilities across the UK, each of which admits on average 180 private and NHS patients per month for substance, process and behavioural addiction types. For more information, please visit


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