Monster Garages

September 22, 2018

Builders have noticed a growing trend lately -- growing garages, that is.

The Detroit Free Press reports homeowners are super-sizing their garages but not for pimping out a man-cave or she-shed: instead, it’s to fit Americans’ rapidly growing trucks.

“American cars have never been bigger and they’ve never been taller,” said Eric Noble with the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. “The only thing that has grown as fast as American vehicles are American waistlines.”

“People are buying bigger vehicles. Families. All income levels,” said builder William Pachota, who lives and works in Michigan. “People really like a cathedral ceiling in the garage these days.”

It’s more about the size of the vehicles, not vanity. Well, kind of.

“People are all about their toys now,” another local builder, Dustin Collier, tells the paper. “The trucks are jacked up in the air with big tires.”

Collier says, “Vehicles are just taller. You might be able to fit a Ford F-150 into a garage with nothing on its roof, but if you have lights or anything up there, it’s cutting things close. They just don’t fit.”

While a once-standard 7-foot height for garage doors has shifted to eight, Collier builds them as high as 12 feet to fit vehicles like Chevy Suburbans and other tall trucks, especially if they’ve got roof racks.

How much to expand your garage? They can run as much as $20,000 for some clients.

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