Letter: 125 Live is a money pit, serving few

November 18, 2018

“The (City) council is being asked to consider additional funding for 125 Live. The proposed 2019 budget recommends $120,000 for the organization. The organization is seeking $210,000 in city funding. Live 125 says without the increase, it will have to “scale back our services and programming”

Excerpt from Rochester business news on Nov. 15: More money was needed in 2016...building landfill cost overruns. Again in 2017 for “kitchen upgrades.”

Can you say “money pit?”

Where does it all end, or should I say start, with this organization? Poor planning? Bad management? I don’t know.

Look at the numerous letters to the editor, over the past two years since it’s inception, from seniors asking for a more “senior” attuned atmosphere, with a place where they can get a good meal at a reasonable price; the basic expectation of a “Senior” Center, (as many insist is proper terminology) Just such a letter last week was printed.

Think of what could have been done with the old armory if the amount of money that’s being pumped into 125 Live would have been carefully utilized for real-life sensibility and senior provision instead of a few (as usual) glitzy visionaries, resulting in an institution that is seemingly going to suck more money out of people without providing the basic wants desired by the age group it should be focused upon.

Mark Hrubetz, Rochester

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