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Ukrainian-Americans to Monitor Election

February 21, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A team of three Ukrainian-Americans plans to monitor the fairness of the March 4 election in the Ukraine on behalf a politically conservative U.S. foundation, it was announced Wednesday.

″Our aim is to determine whether you could call this a free and fair election,″ said Askold Lozynsky, a New York attorney, who will be accompanied by his wife, Ronya, and Borys Potapenko of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Detroit.

Lozynsky said the group will form a moniotoring network, mostly in the cities of Kiev and Ldiv, and will distribute a survey to some 40 opposition candidates, political organizers and voters to form at least a limited basis for evaluating the election process.

The group’s efforts are sponsored by the Free Congress Foundation whose president, Paul Weyrich, has been involved in offering campaign training to Soviet political opposition leaders.

Lozynsky said his monitoring team proceeds with an admitted bias.

″We are not pro-Soviet,″ he said. ″We are anti-Soviet and anti- communist. We support democracy.″

Other international observers are attempting to monitor elections in the Ukraine and throughout the Soviet Union, but Weyrich said some are experiencing difficulty in obtaining visas.

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