Watertown FFA ag plot committee manages field

January 19, 2019

The Watertown FFA Ag Plot Committee ran the Watertown FFA field plot this past year. The 20-acre field was planted with corn following the yearly rotation from soybeans to corn.

The field plot was managed by chairman Alex Coughlin, sub-chairman Jacob Linskens and members Jeremy Linskens, Jonathan Kuehl and Sam Strupp.

The entire field yielded lower than expected due to the wet year and late planting situation. Along with the rest of the field, a comparative hybrid test plot was planted, observing the yield differences between 26 hybrids coming from eight different companies. Each hybrid had eight rows with 30-inch spacings for approximately 588 feet in the plot.

The data collected at harvest was analyzed by the committee to determine which hybrid yielded the most bushels per acre on average.

In addition to the hybrid test, they also conducted a tillage test to determine which tillage method would be best for crop production. It was determined the ground that was worked would be better as it yielded approximately five bushels better than the no-till ground. Also, the vertical till strip yielded about four bushels better than the soil finisher strip, and the chisel plowed area also beat the land untouched by the chisel plow by four bushels.

The committee also organized a field day for the donors and the rest of their FFA chapter. It was the first field day ever hosted by the Watertown FFA and ended up with a turnout of about 40 people.

At the field day there were speakers from nearly every seed company, including Kyle Stull from Stull Agronomy presenting on corn tar spot, which is a new disease that has affected Midwestern corn growers.

Those who helped make the field day and test plot possible were: Brian Karkosh (The DeLong Co.), Wayne Wilson (United Cooperative), William Nass (Dairyland Seed), Steve Schultz (Nutech Seed), Brad Schuett (Insight FS), Lucas Clayton (Wyffels Hybrids), Jim Kemink (Croplan Genetics), Steven Chamberlain (Dekalb Seed), and Cody Aiken (Jungs Seed Genetics), Coughlin Farms Inc. and Linskens Custom Combining.

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